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When your child begins to use his hearing aids, the speech therapist and/or audiologist may use LINGS LANGUAGE SOUNDS to get an idea of your child's listening development with and without his hearing aids.

You can also use this test to your advantage, both to check that your child's listening is developing and to quickly and easily ensure that the child's hearing aids are working as they should. If the child cannot hear all six speech sounds found in Ling's speech sounds, the hearing aids should be checked

The speech sounds [mm], [aa], [oo], [ii], [sch] and [ss] are selected to represent human speech and focus on the different frequency ranges (bass, middle, treble),

The Ling procedure allows one to test different stages in the child's listening development. The most basic level is the ability to detect, then the ability to discriminate, and finally the ability to repeat. When using Ling's speech sounds, you should start at a level that works and then work towards a higher listening ability.

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In Swedish "LING språkljud!

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