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Aims to support and strengthen the early language development of children with hearing loss.

Suitable for children 0-3 years

Fun with sounds is aimed at children who have not yet started to say words. The material consists of cards with so-called sound-imitating words. These words are usually much easier for the small child to listen to and by using them, the different language sounds can be learned in a playful way.

Fun with sound" consists of 30 illustrations and sounds, everything from the robot that says "beep boop" to the boy who sits on the potty and it sounds "ksss". You can easily cut out the cards according to the markings and look at the pictures together and make the funny sounds. It's great if at the same time you also take care to let the child hear the real word, for example "muuuu, it's the cow that sounds".

Don't forget to laugh and have fun with the pictures. Play charades, and imitate what the picture represents. Pretend to sit on the potty or drive the car while making the sound.


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