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In Swedish "Den stora frågestunden" Download

Feeling safe in being who you are, and trusting your own worth is not as simple as it might sound to some. Building a strong self-esteem is in many ways a challenging lifelong process, and it becomes even more challenging if you are met with messages from others that more or less openly talk about who we should be and not be. As a child, you often build up a self-image that is a reflection of what other peers think and think, and it is not unusual that you are valued according to external factors.

The importance of fitting in often means that many children with hearing loss, when they reach early adolescence, choose not to use their hearing aids or other technological aids. To really get to know yourself, you need to confidently and curiously explore who you are and how you differ from others. By finding out what one's own truths and beliefs are, it becomes easier to separate these from those of others.

"The big question session" helps you who are close to a child with hearing loss to curiously explore the child's thoughts, feelings, thoughts and needs.

In Swedish "Den stora frågestunden" Download

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